microtastic living

4 02 2008

wow, that title makes absolutely no sense but it sounds cool so i’ll go with it. in respect to living right now, i’ve got my roommate snoring away beside me right now and i’m sitting here listening to some Foo Fighters and maybe some Hillsong United soon. talk about differing tastes.

it’s been a while since i’ve posted on here, maybe a sign that i’m just really really busy. there is a lot to do right now, but there’s so much other stuff going on in life that i really don’t want to just think about the work. among the things weighing down on me right now are the whole post-relationship tension, summer employment, and life in general. maybe i can think outloud and dialogue about it all right now.

the summer…well, i’m officially going to be done my education come May, and then who knows what. i’ve had my dream for a while to spend that time with a pastor and to be able to just learn underneath him, but i’m not sure if something like that will actually work out or not. the best i can do is just take steps to find out if it will and let God open and close the doors that there are. i mean, God’s got it all in His hands and i just have to trust that He’s over everything, just like He says. i do have to go out and make the effort to do what He wants me to, but in the end, can i really control it? it’s quite the situation isn’t it? but it’s the trust in Him that brings me through it all.

in terms of reaching out, i had the opportunity to sit down and discuss with some guys about what it looks like to be a part of the community as a whole and get involved. so as a tangible way to reflect this, i’m going to make a commitment to head down to Williams Coffee Pub a couple times and just hope that i can strike up conversation with some people, ride the bus a bit more, talk with the cashiers at Zehrs, have a conversation down at Tim’s. it’s nothing radical, but it’s showing people that there are christians out there who care and love the people that are in the world. i think that this is part of what it means to reclaim the hearts of a lost world for God’s kingdom. i can’t say that i personally have any idea on how to do it perfectly, but at least i can try some stuff and see if i can make a difference for the kingdom.

so life is busy, full, and way too over-burdening. but in retrospect, He’s got it all under control.