30 07 2008

umbrella’s are one of the greatest inventions known to mankind.  it’s right up there with the moving hunk of steel we call the car.  i mean, here i am standing in the middle of a rainstorm and i think about the umbrella.  it’s not natural to carry something over your head to protect it from precipitation, but yet we do it because it works.  i now have a dry head and a wet cloth umbrella.  i think i got the better end of the deal, instead of a soaking wet head.

the umbrella – making it easier for people to be lazy and look stupid while doing it.  but hey, it works!

and on the note of the car…ever wonder how strange it is that we sit in a vinyl or leather seat and then move at insane speeds down a road while just applying pressure on a lever?  but that’s a discussion for another time…