it’s not about stunting

1 06 2008

Jesus refused to be a stunt man.  He did not come to walk on hot coals, swallow fire, or put his hand in the lion’s mouth to demonstrate that he had something worthwhile to say

i think i’ve made Jesus out to be a glorified stunt man time and time again.  a man that put on acts, jumped from buildings and blew things up to get the attention of those around him.  Jesus has become a glamorous figure who was the awesome man of image in his day, according to our time.  what if Jesus really didn’t do anything that asinine in-front of everyone.

i mean, he healed people and that is crazy in its own right, but more often than not you find him mentioning to the healed person the importance of keeping it quiet and to themselves.  sure, word spread about him and his amazing miracles, but he didn’t have pyrotechnics or anything, didn’t physically move the mountain to get attention or pull the eight of spades out the deck of cards every time, even though he could have.  ultimately his words stood up and he didn’t need to perform tricks or feats to keep the attention because they realized that his words were actually worthwhile.

now what do we learn from that?  maybe our glamorous services, extravagant displays, and eloquent speeches and writing doesn’t really mean that much.  maybe God really isn’t calling for a generation that bows to technology and finds a way to use it all to try to worship him.  maybe he just wants our words.  for us to use our words and his words to show the world of a worthwhile message of love and grace.




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